This blog basically deals with everything I am interested in. So to know what exactly this blog is about you’ll have to understand a bit of me and my background (sorry but you have no choice). Therefore I am writing more about myself than the blog in this page, through which I am facilitating you guys to arrive at your own conclusions as to what my blog is actually all about 🙂

I am a Computer Science student in my final year (as of now) from India. I have an unparalleled passion for Computer Science and I love most of the theory and concepts behind it. It is amazing what all you could do with just a laptop and the right ideas. What you thought were childish and impossible dreams are now coming true. All this is happening because of Computer Science. In addition to Computer Science, I am also passionate about Science, History, Travel, Art, Music, Freedom and much much more. The reason I particularly like to define myself as a Computer Scientist (I hope to be one soon) is because I can explore and apply CS to each of my areas of interest.  Basically, what I am trying to say is Computer Science is what connects most of my dots (each dot being something I like and also things I am good at) and like Steve Jobs mentioned in his famous speech – “It is important that we learn to connect the dots”. Hobbies, interests, passion and curiosity are what keep me motivated.

I am also an Open Source Enthusiast and contribute to the Mozilla project, also had done a bit for Apertium quite some time back. I am Mozilla Developer with L1 access and recently got selected as a Mozilla Rep as well. I would love to get involved in Python (kind of am), OpenCog, OpenStack, Orange, CERN VM and other Open Source projects in addition to doing a course at Singularity University as and when I get a chance. I am also looking forward to do a Masters and maybe even a Phd in my areas of interest in CS.

This is a link to all my Mozilla profile pages:



LinkedIn Profile

Twitter – @InfinityO_O

Anyone interested in doing anything related to AI, Networking, ML or Web Technologies feel free to get back to me. I love working on these areas and meeting new people. Same goes for those interested in Travel, Science and my other mentioned interests and also those with great ideas combining any of my interests or hobbies. And remember that only an IDEA can stand the test of time and nothing is much more important than an IDEA. Any IDEA is infinitely powerful. Our IDEAS and what we are prepared to do to see them work is what defines us.


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