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PyCon India 2012

PyCon in India! wo! How can I not attend it – this was what I thought when I first  found out that there was to be a PyCon in India that too in Bangalore.  I registered right away and proposed a session as well, unfortunately the talk did not get selected (JSFoo seems to offer me more luck, but more about that later). The days I most anticipated were really worth the wait and the money.PyCon was just two days filled with fun, knowledge and of course the deadly Python.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw David Mertz giving the keynote address, one of the 11 directors of Python in India! It also had other people like Jacob Kaplan Moss, Anand S, Nick Coghlan and Prabhu Ramachandran who gave exceptionally good talks. I had the privilege to meet most of the mentioned people and got to know interesting stuff and also shared some ideas and got a great insight into how python could be and is being used in all the web and data analysis domains. Another person who I cannot fail to mention is Yannick Giringas who I had met during one of the talks. He was from FB in CA and he also shared a lot of knowledge and ideas which I could have never got from anywhere else. I did really enjoy the talk with him and his. Then PyCon was where I met a few of my high school friends and their friends which again was great not only because of the fact that I had not seen them for so long but because I got to explore new avenues, introspect on what I was going to do and of course I got to form new ideas and new philosophies about OpenSource, Higher Studies and Life in general.

We are not as gifted as Buddha to get enlightened in one go, but we can do it in parts and all these parts have to be done concurrently. One very important part (for us developers and preachers of computers, code and the internet)  is attending conferences, especially ones like PyCon where you meet new people with similar interests. It shows you how much more could be done and more importantly that you could do something about it. It opens up your mind to new possibilities, allows you to explore new areas and talk to experts in those fields. It helps you plot the graph of your life by adding new dots and more importantly it helps you connect them the way they should be (An analogy like the one in Connect the dots). It gives you an idea as to what all companies are working with the technology you are passionate about and what is to be done and being done in this field and the fields you are interested in. You get to meet and discuss with people which may lead to enlightenment or you working with someone who you just met towards some common interest. There is nothing like these conferences to boost your confidence and strengths so that you can delve deeper into your areas of interests, the real world problems and much much more resulting in the healthy survival of software, ideas, talent and society as a whole. So, be open, be innovative, share ideas, pursue your interests, learn new things, add to your knowledge DB and contribute to the society. (Btw a little of all these could be attained by attending good conferences)

A link to PyCon India is provided here so that you get an idea of what you have missed or in case you have attended = what you enjoyed:

P.S. My sincere thanks to Hasgeek, PSF and IPSS for organizing this event and all the sponsors for supporting it. 😀