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Why wait for Ubuntu 12.10 ?!

I’m sure all of you linux users are real happy with Ubuntu 12.04, it being a really awesome release what more could you want?

Well…you had no idea what you really wanted if you are satisfied with it and that’s what I just realized. Canonical intends to take thee experience to a whole new level with the release of Ubuntu 12.10. A preview of it was given at OSCON by none other than Mark Shuttleworth. You can check out the preview here:

Some of the statistics he does mention is really good to hear about Ubuntu being the second easiest to use after Windows. Btw Dell is also going to ship some laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed…Yay! There is a revolution taking place in the making of a really interactive and integrated OS which can function with the internet as its lifeline all striving for the best user experience and Ubuntu 12.10 does appear to be way ahead of that race by the looks of this video. The name sounds real tempting too – Quantal Quetzal.

This is also a good source to see what is in store in Quantal Quetzal.  5 best things about Ubuntu12.10

So can’t wait for it……Hope you guys are as eager as I am 😀

P.S. I bet these features would take atleast 3-4 years to be incorporated into the other popular Operating Systems, you know what I am talking about  😛


Mozilla Factory

This page is dedicated to my Mozilla posts. Yes, I am a proud Mozilla  volunteer though not really experienced(5 months I guess). I have learnt a lot after joining this wonderful community – about myself and the organization and in the process also improved upon my development skills and experience. So I will dedicate another post as to why I have fallen in love with Mozilla though that should be the starting post. Hence here I will share everything I know about Mozilla and anything interesting I find happening in the Mozilla community. So, stay tuned.

Yesterday while looking through some of the interesting pages of Mozilla on Facebook I cam across this really interesting one called Mozilla Factory. It is a project by Mozilla Japan. It has some really cool stuff going on (from what I have seen on their website). Not only are these projects cool but a couple of them are totally out of the box, they do stuff with the browser which you could have never thought of before. I highly recommend you take a look at the Mecha Mozilla Project. This is a project put in their words is – explore the possibility of web as thinking a good relationship between “Web” and “Real World”. I’m sure some of you will find this really crazy while some of you might be awestruck by it.

This project also has some great contributors. I was particularly interested in the profile of one of the contributors named Daisuke Akatsuka who was an ex-F1 racer and had done industrial engineering before settling down as a developer. I believe it is people like this who add variety to the web through their vast domain knowledge by bringing in their own experiences into development. As I had expected he is one of the leads on the Mecha Mozilla project. I am eager to see if I could talk to him on the IRC and get some ideas and learn something cool. For all of you guys who want to check this out here is the link:

It is projects like this which stretch the boundaries of what we know and think to be impossible and help us understand how much more there is to learn and watch. This truly tells us the story of the evolution of the web. It has and will always be exponential – do you not agree?


I have wanted to start a blog since a very long time now. Finally the moment has arrived and it feels great!So from today starts the Infinity saga. This is the Infinite loop which you cannot break out of. Welcome to the Infinite world of Infinity to experience and appreciate the infinite wonders that this world has to offer !

PS I know this is an overstatement but I gotta sell my blog 😉