Why wait for Ubuntu 12.10 ?!

I’m sure all of you linux users are real happy with Ubuntu 12.04, it being a really awesome release what more could you want?

Well…you had no idea what you really wanted if you are satisfied with it and that’s what I just realized. Canonical intends to take thee experience to a whole new level with the release of Ubuntu 12.10. A preview of it was given at OSCON by none other than Mark Shuttleworth. You can check out the preview here:


Some of the statistics he does mention is really good to hear about Ubuntu being the second easiest to use after Windows. Btw Dell is also going to ship some laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed…Yay! There is a revolution taking place in the making of a really interactive and integrated OS which can function with the internet as its lifeline all striving for the best user experience and Ubuntu 12.10 does appear to be way ahead of that race by the looks of this video. The name sounds real tempting too – Quantal Quetzal.

This is also a good source to see what is in store in Quantal Quetzal.  5 best things about Ubuntu12.10

So can’t wait for it……Hope you guys are as eager as I am 😀

P.S. I bet these features would take atleast 3-4 years to be incorporated into the other popular Operating Systems, you know what I am talking about  😛


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